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Welcome to, a Mo Dao Zu Shi shrine with a Jiang Cheng and Yunmeng Jiang slant.

So it's a Jiang Cheng shrine?, you ask. No, it's a website about anything MDZS that sparks my interest... but since my favorite character is Jiang Cheng, things here will always have a purple tint.

Disclaimer: All views and opinions here are my own and no one else's, and you're free to agree or disagree. I'm also Costa Rican, not Chinese, and while I love learning about other cultures, and have tried hard to learn about Chinese culture specifically, especially in regards to this novel, it's very likely inevitable that I'll make a mistake at some point. If it's a case where I'm unaware of cultural context, such as language connotations or cultural customs, I'd love to hear about it! Also if it's something that is a matter of fact and not opinion. In either case, you can email me at